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Jababeka Green Market

Jababeka Green Market merupakan sebuah pasar bersih modern yang mengutamakan kebersihan lingkungan. Terdapat bagian basah dan kering dalam pasar ini dan kebersihan tetap menjadi prioritas utama dalam pengelolaan Jababeka Green Market. Selain lapak basah dan kering, Jababeka Green Market juga menyediakan produk komersial seperti kios dan ruko. Kios memiliki luas bangunan mulai 6,25 m2. Sementara […]

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Hollywood Junction

Hollywood Junction merupakan pusat kuliner dan tempat hangout di kawasan Kota Jababeka dengan konsep semi terbuka (alfresco dining). Dengan total luas area 8000 m2 dan bangunan 3500 m2 serta area parkir yang luas, Hollywood Junction merupakan fasilitas unggulan dari Jababeka Residence. Letaknya satu kompleks dengan apartemen Elvis dan Monroe Tower. Hollywood Junction juga memiliki atrium […]

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Jababeka Golf & Country Club

A leading local architect, Arkonin, designed the golf clubhouse, while Fred Settle, IMG’s Far East Regional Chief, provided consultancy. The clubhouse comes with a pro-shop offering the finest in equipment and apparel, a recreational swimming poo, two hard tennis courts, a children’s playground, a massage service, a restaurant, and VIP and function rooms for those […]

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Senior Living @ D’Khayangan

Armed with a “passion” and spirit to provide help for seniors, and with decades of experience PT. Jababeka Tbk., a property developer and Longlife Holding, a company with many years of experience and know-how about Senior Living services in Japan, have founded a new company which will specialize in dwellings and buildings for the elderly. […]

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President Executive Club

The President Executive Club is an international private club providing a comfortable and luxurious environment for professional and business leader with interests in Cikarang and areas further a field. These professional and business leaders can meet in sophisticated surroundings to conduct business, network or simply relax with compatible company. The President Executive Club is seen […]

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Jababeka Botanic Gardens

Jababeka Botanic Gardens with a concept of the living plant gallery occupies a land area of about 1.000 m2. In the early years, the gardens played an important role in fostering agricultural development in Jababeka Botanic Gardens and the region through collecting, growing experimenting and distributing potentially useful plants. The garden spreaheaded bonsai, orchid breeding […]

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D’Warriors Outbound

D’Warriors Outbound is where adventure challenges you to build courage, friendship, leadership and teamwork and includes first class outdoor sports facilities like paint ball, flying fox, wall climbing, and high rope for adults and kids. The area is located on 4.2 hectares of lush green area, next to the Jababeka Golf and Country Club.

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Healthcare Facilites

Health facilities in Jababeka range from small clinics, doctor’s offices to large hospitals with elaborate emergency rooms. Some of them include: RS Permata Keluarga, RS Harapan Keluarga, RS Medirossa

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Education Center

There are many education facilities in Jababeka which start from: pre-school, primary school, secondary and until tertiary education. Some of them include: President University, President SMP, President SMU, BPK Penabur, Al-Azhar, Santo Leo. By 2016 President University has around 5000 students and projected to have 10000 in 2020.          

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