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Jababeka Botanic Gardens

Jababeka Botanic Gardens with a concept of the living plant gallery occupies a land area of about 1.000 m2. In the early years, the gardens played an important role in fostering agricultural development in Jababeka Botanic Gardens and the region through collecting, growing experimenting and distributing potentially useful plants. The garden spreaheaded bonsai, orchid breeding […]

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D’Warriors Outbound

D’Warriors Outbound is where adventure challenges you to build courage, friendship, leadership and teamwork and includes first class outdoor sports facilities like paint ball, flying fox, wall climbing, and high rope for adults and kids. The area is located on 4.2 hectares of lush green area, next to the Jababeka Golf and Country Club.

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Stadion Wibawa Mukti

Stadion Wibawa Mukti is a football stadium in Jababeka Cikarang, Bekasi. It has a capacity of 28,778. The stadium used in Pekan Olahraga Nasional 2016 which is a national level multi-sport event held every four years in Indonesia.

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