D’Java Residence

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D’JavaResidence is a modern dwelling that combines elements of Javanese cultural elements in it, both from the quality of the landscape.

D’Java Residence complete with finest amenities including a Single Gate Cluster, Club House, Green Garden and Jogging Track. With the existence of these facilities provide ample opportunity for all residents to activities and family gathered together in one cluster scope.

The cluster consists of two types, namely type Papandayan and Tidar. Type Papandayan itself consists of two types namely, Papandayan A with an area of 162/240, and 90/136 Papandayan B with an area. Thus even with Tidar type consisting of two types, namely, with an area Tidar 59/105 A and B with an area Tidar 45/90.

Cluster D’Java Residence is located in a lush and green. Besides this cluster was flanked by a wide range of other supporting facilities such as the School of Al-Azhar University President, Jababeka Medical City and shopping centers.

Additional Details

  • Pondasi
    Type 1 lantai Batu kali + Struss Pile
  • Dinding
    Batu bata merah, Plester, Aci fin, cat + batu sydney cuting
  • Finishing Lantai
    a. Type 190 &162 Keramik 60x60cm+40x40 cm ex. Kia/setara, b. Type 108 & 90 Keramik 40x40 ex kia/ setara c.Type 59, 65, 50 Keramik 30x30 cm ex kia/ setara
  • Finishing dinding KM/WC
    a. Type 2 lantai Keramik 20x25 cm ex kia/ setara, b. Type 1 lantai Keramik 20x20 cm ex kia/ setara
  • Atap
    a. Rangka atap Baja ringan, b. Atap Genteng beton flat Opening a. Frame/ kusen Alumunium natural b. Pintu Engineering
  • Sanitair
    ex American standard
  • Pengecatan
    a. Cat depan ex lci/ mowilex weathersield, b. Cat dalam, belakang ex catylac/ setara

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