Senior Living @ D’Khayangan

Armed with a “passion” and spirit to provide help for seniors, and with decades of experience PT. Jababeka Tbk., a property developer and Longlife Holding, a company with many years of experience and know-how about Senior Living services in Japan, have founded a new company which will specialize in dwellings and buildings for the elderly. This concept, which is new in Indonesia, is named Senior Living @ D’ Khayangan.

Senior Living @ D’ Khayangan. is very privileged to be a part of the life story of seniors even further, by creating a community where seniors are respected and appreciated.

Every day, Senior Living @ D’ Khayangan. provides services that focus on the high standards that are designed with the concept of L.I.V.E (Luxurious, Inspiring, Vibrant, Eco-friendly) and C.A.R.E (Comfortable, Attentive, Relaxing, Encouraging) by architects experienced in building Senior Living facilities.

For more information, please visit: Senior Living @D’Khayangan