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Bekasi, Suatu kawasan dinilai berpotensi menjadi kota masa depan dikala kawasan tersebut dapat memenuhi segala kebutuhan masyarakat, mampu memberikan solusi bagi masyarakat dan juga memiliki sejumlah infrastruktur yang dapat menghubungkannya dengan kawasan lain dan membantu dalam aksesbilitas masyarakat dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Melalui acara kongres Diaspora 2019 yang berlangsung di Jakarta pada tanggal 10 Agustus 2019, […]

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Jababeka Golf & Country Club

A leading local architect, Arkonin, designed the golf clubhouse, while Fred Settle, IMG’s Far East Regional Chief, provided consultancy. The clubhouse comes with a pro-shop offering the finest in equipment and apparel, a recreational swimming poo, two hard tennis courts, a children’s playground, a massage service, a restaurant, and VIP and function rooms for those […]

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Senior Living @ D’Khayangan

Armed with a “passion” and spirit to provide help for seniors, and with decades of experience PT. Jababeka Tbk., a property developer and Longlife Holding, a company with many years of experience and know-how about Senior Living services in Japan, have founded a new company which will specialize in dwellings and buildings for the elderly. […]

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President Executive Club

The President Executive Club is an international private club providing a comfortable and luxurious environment for professional and business leader with interests in Cikarang and areas further a field. These professional and business leaders can meet in sophisticated surroundings to conduct business, network or simply relax with compatible company. The President Executive Club is seen […]

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President University

  President University is a 100% English-speaking higher education institution in Indonesia, which was established to become a research and development center in the region and to set a new benchmark in Indonesian higher education. Specifically, the university was formed to create an institution of learning, which would prepare the future leaders of industry and […]

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